How to promote IGTV video

How to promote IGTV video - Techiemoon

The main objective to promote IGTV videos is to get more views. There are two ways we can promote our videos one is by sharing them organically and the other one is by boosting.

By the way, content and the usage of hashtags play a key role. After setting all these kinds of primary actions the video gets more views. Perhaps the video about to be shared in previews. But it is only possible when you have more number of followers.

Since there are a lot of questions revolving around the internet like “Is there any paid way to promote IGTV videos”. So the answer is we can do with some tricks by creating a shorter version of the video or an image to be shared in IG story recommended size(1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels in height) also known as aspect ratio 9:16. Then the final move is to promote them with the help of Facebook ads manager. Here are a few to do,

5 Steps to create a promotion for IGTV videos using FB Ads manager in 2022

Step 1: Choose the marketing objective of the campaign

From the category of consideration will have to pick up the traffic objective. So the people would have the option to click on the IGTV video link that we give.

promote igtv video 2022

Step 2: Audience targeting 

Define your audience(who wants to see your ad). There are two options are available over here, one is we can set up the audience by choosing the location, age group, and detailed targeting to promote right away. And the other one is can use the saved one.

promote igtv video 2022

Step 3: Refine the placement

Since the creation is made for IGTV story will have to pick up the manual placement and thereby uncheck all the placements except “Instagram Stories”, “Reels” and Choose only “Mobile” in device.

Step 4: Setting up the budget and schedule

This is the place where we can define the amount to spend and the timeline of the campaign.

Step 5: Ad creation

Add the creative which you want to display as a preview for the IGTV video and add the video link over here in the box of website URL.

Step 5 - Ad Creation

Finally, click on the “confirm” button and that’s it.

Pro Tip: Use bid cap control for lowest cost per result.

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