How does White-Labelled Reseller Hosting Services Work?

The white labelled reseller hosting means that a reseller can resell web hosting services. MilesWeb is the leading reseller hosting provider offering multiple reseller hosting plans. Due to which there is a maximum chance that resellers will yield a good level of profit. Even the report shows that web hosting industry is growing and currently it is worth of billions.

White label web hosting means resellers have the freedom to provide the web hosting infrastructure to their clients. MilesWeb is a reliable white-labelled reseller web hosting infrastructure offering multiple features like cPanel control panels, 24×7 tech support and many more. Also, they offer Windows and Linux reseller hosting services at a good competitive price. 

In this blog, let us answer whether, white-labelled reseller hosting service is helpful or not?

Know All About the Reseller Hosting

If you have decided to invest in reseller hosting, MilesWeb is the right name to opt for . It is because white-labelled reseller hosting by MilesWeb gives the freedom to host clients’ websites under their brand name. It is possible to rebrand the hosting products of the hosting company with whom you have an account. White label hosting makes it possible for web designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to get the best hosting for small business. White labelled Reseller Hosting has the advantage of not requiring you to have advanced technical knowledge. A web hosting company handles all technical requirements, such as server maintenance and server management.

How it Works for Resellers?

White-labelled reseller hosting services gives resellers the freedom to charge as much they can for an allocated hosting resource. MilesWeb’s white-labelled reseller hosting plan starts at ₹315 per month. What if a reseller charges 500 per month to user? It will definitely create a huge profit margin for resellers. 

Here is how this hosting service works? Let’s discuss below.

Billing Integration

Easy and efficient billing of customers is a challenging task for resellers. However, with the WHM software, resellers can easily manage their payment plans, add or delete hosting accounts and ensure that they payment from clients is received timely. MilesWeb with their every reseller hosting plan, users get a WHM software that help resellers in many manners. 

Opportunities to Scale

MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans allow users to scale accordingly. Resellers can host mission-critical websites and workloads of clients. And all of the technical support will be provided by MilesWeb. Therefore, clients can easily scale their site and earn a good income with no hassles. 

Simple control panels

A control panel is essential for efficient website management. You can make backend changes or even give clients access if necessary.

Private name servers

Hosting companies provide you with servers that allow you to separate your brand from them. The entire process of rebranding these services as your own is dependent on this step.

Email and Domain Integration

There are many reseller accounts that will allow you to sell domain names and even email account add-ons – these services could make you stand out from the competition. 

Benefits of MilesWeb’s White-Labelled Reseller Hosting

  • Different service range: Undoubtedly, web developers and small size businesses have different web hosting requirement. So, in such cases, offering only plan to them will not cater to their requirements. Save more time and money by choosing MilesWeb’s reseller hosting services. Buying hosting resources from them with premium features. So, resellers can charge a good amount from their clients in terms of providing premium services. Only the major part is what kind of plan they choose from MilesWeb. It is because different reseller hosting plans of MilesWeb has different configurations.
  • A source of recurring revenue: Many small businesses look for a source of the recurring revenue. What if they add web hosting services into their core products and services range? They will definitely earn a good chunk of money every month. If a reseller is charging from their clients on a monthly subscription basis, then it is a good income generation option. 
  • No technical barriers: Although web hosting operations and managing them requires technical knowledge. But MilesWeb makes it easier for you by providing the 24×7 tech support. All kinds of technical operations like the website migration, chat support, email support and many more will be taken care off by experts at MilesWeb.
  • No extra space required: Setting up a traditional business will require office setup and other resources. In simpler terms a huge investment on the infrastructure is required. When we talk about MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans, only invest on extra computers and time. Within hours your hosting business is ready.

Wrapping it Up!

MilesWeb offers a top-notch reseller hosting plan with premium features and configurations. They have SSD NVMe storage servers with tech support, control panels, and even the cloud infrastructure if you want to host websites. So, in multiple plans and features you can rate them 10/10.

MilesWeb Review:

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