How To Increase Phone Calls Using Instagram/Facebook Ads

Why phones calls are important for any business to make conversions? Call only ads enables the potential customers to call directly and of course it has more conversion rate with 30-50% than other ad types such Lead generation, Website Conversions, etc.,

So Facebook “Call Now” feature ad will make potential customers to reach out the business directly and in this article you can learn how to optimize a click-to-call ads effectively with perfect placements and bidding.

Even though the options under social networks are vast, Facebook is holding the spot right at the top. It is the leading digital advertising channel that worked magically for multiple marketers these days. There are millions of businesses, which are using Facebook to showcase their brand’s story, increase the current web traffic, and also to improve sales.

If your work involves phones, then Facebook call conversions will be a quicker way to be your major revenue driver. Some statistics prove that native social ads are likely to drive around 23 billion calls and the total revenue made in 2020 was $72 billion. So, the time has come for marketers to start optimizing social ads for such Facebook call conversions. 

Learning more about Facebook Click-to-call ads:

Before you move in with the steps, it is vital to learn what click-to-call ads are. The Facebook click-to-call ads will help the users to click on your ad directly through their mobile device and then connect with you by phone. 

  • It is one ad type and “call now” CTA button options have been made available for a pretty long time with the help of the Reach campaign objective from Facebook.
  • But, the main goal of the Reach campaigns is to reach multiple people at the same time within the targeted audience and a lower cost. 
  • So, the users are not always likely to take the desired actions that you get to see with other Facebook campaign types and optimization settings like clicking an ad to visit the landing page, opening up wallets to make purchases, or calling you.

On the other hand, you have the Website traffic campaigns, whose main aim is to dive the highest qualified visitors to the website and at the highest quantity. And it wasn’t long ago that while setting up a website traffic campaign for a client, a new option came under the ad level, known as “Phone Number.”


Can we increase phone calls from Facebook?

Yes, We can simply increase the calls with the help for Facebook ads manager tool.

Is it possible to customers make calls from Instagram posts?

Yes, It’s possible.

Can we ad “Call Now” button in Instagram posts, reels, and stories?

Yes, We can add “Call Now” CTA with the help of ads manager.

Can we target the right audience?

Of course, We can by editing the detailed targeting in ads manager.

How to create custom audience for re-targeting?

To create custom audience: Custom Audience Setup

Follow the steps to increase phone calls using Facebook or Instagram ads:

If you are new and want to increase your phone calls easily through Facebook ads, then focus on the steps mentioned below for further reference.

Step 1: Choose the campaign objective as Traffic

As the first step, choose your campaign objective as Traffic. Click on the “Continue” button.

Step 2: Make sure you have chosen website here

As the second step, you have to be sure to choose a “website” here, under the “Traffic” section.

Step 3: Enter lifetime budget and choose scheduled time

Now, enter your lifetime budget and also focus on the scheduled time. Click on the “Run ads on a schedule” option under the “Ad Scheduling” category.

Step 4: Only select the scheduled time of sales team who is ready to attend the calls from ad

Make sure to select only the scheduled time of the sales team who is more than happy to attend calls from the ad.

Step 5: Select placements only mobile users so that they can call directly

As your fifth step, select the placements only for the mobile users to have them call you directly.

Step 6: Keep bid control for 1 using bid cap strategy

Now you should keep bid control for 1 using the “Bid Cap Strategy.”

Step 7: Select destination  as phone calls and enter the phone number

As the last and final step, select your destination as “Phone Calls” and then enter the number you want users to dial.

The steps are rather simple and will help you to increase your phone calls using Facebook ads. Have a chat with your team to be sure that you are all set to take higher call volumes. 

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