How to Increase Instagram Followers using Facebook Ads?

How to Increase Instagram Followers using Facebook Ads?

Using Facebook Ads you can earn genuine Instagram followers. So in this article, you can learn how to increase Instagram followers in a legit way.

If you are an existing user and still looking for sales, sign-ups, or want to increase website traffic then you are at the right place.


Can we increase website traffic from Instagram with fewer followers?

Yes, actually we can do with promoted stories and posts directly from Instagram Ads

Can we increase Instagram Followers?

It is possible with the help of Facebook Ads.

Some Major Benefits of Genuine Instagram followers

  • You can engage with your audience regularly.
  • Helps to increase sales.
  • Introduce your product updates/business updates.
  • Drive website traffic with the lowest CPC.
  • Analyze your targeted audience and deliver the content accordingly based on their interest.
  • Implement Remarketing Campaign.
  • Monetize (Can do Influence Marketing)

Why Genuine Instagram Followers are Important?

There are so many strategies revolving outside to earn fake followers to boost your influence marketing, but it would probably hurt your name / brand. While earning new genuine followers is little complicated process but permanent. They exist for long time and may surprise you in future.

Steps to increase Instagram followers with Facebook Ads

In case you have an Instagram business profile already and have a Facebook page with decent followers and pixel installed website then follow the steps given below.

Customize your targeting audience

  • Create custom audience from Instagram Page
    You will have four options to choose from, which means you can include people who shown interest in your Instagram profile or posts you shared before.
    • Everyone who engaged with your professional account
    • Anyone who visited your professional account profile
    • People who engaged with any post or ad
    • People who sent a message to your professional account
    • People who saved any post or ad

Suppose you don’t have more followers then you can go with the widest option “Anyone who visited your business profile”. Then make sure that you have entered the maximum number of days in order to get more data to reach your audience.

Step 1: Select “Audiences” option from Menu

Step 2: Click on “Create a Custom Audience”

Step 3: Now Choose Custom Audience Source “Instagram Account”

Step 4: Select “Anyone who visited your professional account’s profile” from the dropdown

Finally, create a campaign with a “website traffic” objective and choose saved “custom audience”

Note: Make sure you have chosen only Instagram Ad Placement for better result

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