Top 5 Voice search optimization strategies in 2022 (Proven to work)

Voice search has started to gain more popularity than ever as more people have started using it. People are more comfortable with talking to an assistant than typing, the trend is rising faster than anticipated. 

As results from voice searches are faster, teenagers are more interested. 

People from all age groups have started to use voice assistants and business owners should look forward to optimizing their websites accordingly.  

Let’s look at some of the ways you can optimize your website for voice search.

Understand the types of customers:

One of the crucial things that you need to look into is to understand the types of customers. Just like every other marketing element, if you look closely, voice searches will also have algorithms from which you can gather several data points. 

It can help with understanding the search context of your customers and get a better understanding of their behavior. Companies that provide the best SEO services will have an exclusive team to analyze these patterns to devise strategies based on them.

Conversational keywords need your attention:

Almost every voice search is made on the basis of long-tail keywords and conversational tone. Typically people will use three to five words for voice search and it is comparatively longer than text-based searches. 

A study has concluded that more than 70% of searches made on Google are in a conversational tone. There is a chance that short keywords will be completely disappearing in the near future as the trend shows clear statistics. 

Create content based on personas:

When you are optimizing a website for voice searches, relevance is very important. However, there will be slight differences when you compare them with general strategies and so you need to make sure that you follow these tips:

  • Create precise and concise answers for common questions.
  • Create compelling content that interests users.

You can also get assistance from professional content writers from the best SEO company in Chennai to incorporate high-quality content. 

You shouldn’t miss out on FAQs:

Most people use voice searches to get answers and their queries will begin with “what”, “who”, “when”, “where”, and “why”. As people will be making voice searches to get answers immediately, ensure that your answers are short and precise. Answers in conversational tone appeal to voice searches. 

Hence discuss with your service provider to incorporate FAQs as a part of your voice search SEO strategy. If you are unsure about the questions to incorporate into your website, look through online forums for reference. 

Claim your Google My Business listing:

Voice searches witness a significant increase in the number of hyper-local queries. People are looking for a way to reach local businesses to get instant help/service. If you are running a local business, then you must share your business information on your website. The most common place to share the information is your site’s footer, ensuring that it is in a simple text format. 

Make your website mobile-friendly:

Voice search primarily happens on smartphones and so you must have a website that works well with mobile phones. Designing a responsive website must be a part of your voice search SEO strategy

You can also test the mobile compatibility of your website by using Google’s mobile-friendly test tool. Next, you should plug in your site in the PageSpeed Insights to get crucial details on your load speed. 

Create blogs posts that address user queries:

Almost every website has tons of blogs but your blogs will be useful for people only if they answer questions. They will keep looking for professional assistance to use products and to learn more about your services/business. 

One of the best ways to create useful and compelling blogs is to listen to what people need. Professional content writers will be able to draft content effectively based on the data and incorporate them as a part of your voice search SEO strategy.

A single blog post can fetch you millions of views if you write compelling and rich content based on a trending topic. If you are not aware of how well your customers are interacting with your brand, then you are missing out on critical business insights. 


The future of voice search is clearly set as we can clearly see that it is gaining significant traction in the market. Its growth is not going to slow down or drop. The market statistics are the sole evidence for it.

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