7 Features Your Next E-Commerce Marketing Platform Should Have

The E-Commerce industry is a vast field with a lot of competition worldwide. More than 2 million E-Commerce stores are present on the web to sell various things to customers. However, not every store gets the targeted clients, which is why E-Commerce marketing has become such a crucial part of the process.

E-Commerce business has their team of developers and other experts working together to keep the store running. However, several E-commerce businesses opt for a third-party agency to take care of the marketing.

The reason behind opting for an outsourced marketing service is that it helps in saving time. Along with this, the agency has years of experience handling different projects. There are a few things that need to be considered, these are:

  1. Getting an agency to do the service for you can be a pricey affair. Many agencies charge a percentage of the profit you make from marketing.
  2. If you have a low budget for the marketing process, there is a chance that the project will be given to staff members with less experience.
  3. Explaining the business is essential to the team working on your marketing. It is a possibility that they might not figure out what to do, and you’ll end up wasting money on the targeted ads. But you’ll have to do this to try your best for the promotion.

What is an E-Commerce Marketing platform?

An E-commerce marketing platform is a tool that helps you in keeping costs low. It also offers complete transparency of the campaigns for your brand. If your store has a considerable market presence, it is best to stick to an agency for help.

Many marketing platforms are available in the market, which can help automate the process of your website. These platforms help in optimizing your ads and improving your SEO. There are certain features that you should look for in the E-commerce marketing platform of your choice, and these are:

Multiple Media Marketing/Cross Channel Marketing

The biggest challenge faced by a marketing platform is that these platforms are specific to only the mainstream marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. It is crucial to find a platform that offers multiple channel media marketing. This helps in reaching customers from their text messages to social media handles.

This feature allows users to start an ad campaign from a single interface. A platform enabled with cross-channel marketing allows users to track the user’s interactions. It helps them to shortlist the most effective ad campaign.

Creative Automation

For a marketing campaign, the ad creatives and the images created for the ad are the faces of the campaign. The first interaction made by a user is with the picture posted and the ad. It is crucial to focus on what would help your business stand out from the crowd.

A great creative ad should capture the eyes of the audience as they scroll past the pictures of their friends and family. The E-commerce marketing platforms can directly pull product images and other information like product price, discounts, and additional information. Creative automation allows advertisers to design relevant creatives for a campaign.

Optimization of the product feed

The product catalog is the center point of an E-commerce business, and your E-commerce marketing platform should have the facility to optimize every day automatically. The requirement for this automatic update is because Google asks E-commerce websites to update their product list after 30 days.

However, it is a tedious task, and completing it can take a long time. Product feed optimizers help manage Google Shopping data feed and other engines like eBay, etc. Automation allows updating the stock inventory every day, ensuring a smooth experience for users.

Re-marketing through email

Emails are one of the best marketing tools to gain genuine clients through organic channels. Many email marketing platforms filter out the customers and send a personalized email depending on their behavior.

Re-marketing through email is one of the best digital marketing strategies for E-commerce websites. It can help users gain back the lost customers and keep them loyal ones closer.

Customer Support

No matter how easy an E-commerce platform is to operate, there is a chance that you might need somebody to help you navigate. A dedicated customer support team can help the customers navigate the website one step at a time.

It is suggested to get a marketing platform that offers 24 hours support to the customers.

Customized Reporting

Customized reporting is a vital part of an ad campaign. This helps the marketer to track the progress of the customized campaign. This kind of reporting allows marketers to dig deep, find insights, and see what’s working and what’s not.

If customized reporting is in-built in the platform, it can save you a lot of time as it automates the process. It provides insights at one point and saves the time of the marketer.

Performance Optimization of the campaign

After making several Google ad campaigns, and similar ads for Facebook ad campaigns, you’ve tested a combination of different strategies. However, the result from these ad campaigns is not as expected, and the campaigns have become a mess.

Performance optimization is required to make the ad campaign work and become a successful campaign. But this is a tedious task as some campaigns might be easy to optimize, but some have to be searched to find the data that improves them.

Several tools and platforms can help you in sorting out the ad campaigns. However, you need a platform that learns and executes the performance optimization process.

A marketer spends about 45 minutes optimizing the Google AdWords and adding the negative keywords there. Automation of this process can help you save that time which will improve the company’s productivity and save money and time.

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