How To Optimize Online Store To Increase Sales In 2022

Increasing sales is the ultimate goal of every business. Moving forward and growing day by day is what nature demands of you. Why should you not keep on growing your online store and boosting its sales? Making sales in the online world is, however, a bit more difficult than a brick and mortar store as it requires a lot of struggle in web design, marketing, and conversions.

You need to start spreading the word about your store, getting it recognized, bringing traffic, and converting them into customers. It’s a series of activities but you may still face problems in achieving sales targets. You can sit relaxed, make a few changes, and check what was wrong with your marketing and sales strategy. Following are some of the actionable tips for you to consider implementing in your business-specific scenario.

Actionable Tips to Boost Your Online Store Sales in 2022

1. Offer Gift Cards 

Despite having a large catalog, your customers may still find it difficult to choose a product to gift someone on his or her special occasion. Birthday gifts they choose may not be liked by the receiver so it is better to let them buy gift cards and send them to friends and family so that they buy what they like the most. You can create and offer gift cards for a variety of occasions like birthdays, wedding parties, baby or bridal showers, etc. It helps you build a strong relationship with your customers as they are bringing you more traffic and users with the gift vouchers.

2. Know the Call Leads

The leads that you get through calls have higher conversion rates as compared to the conventional phone submissions. However, you need to work on finding the factor that is compelling customers to make calls and ask about the products or services.

Spending your budget and getting leads from different marketing channels is okay. Why should you not focus on a marketing medium that is bringing you more calls that are considered absolute conversions? Therefore, you need to ask the customer, ‘how did you find us?’ or something similar so that the platform can be used effectively for boosting your online store’s sales this year.

3. Display Recent Sales Notifications 

The moment a user lands on your online store, he or she starts thinking about whether someone is buying from them or not. To build trust among new users, you can display recent sales notifications to let them know someone like you and near you have bought it. Use different tools to create and customize sales notifications in a beautiful popup. You can display recent orders randomly or in a sequence. Notifying users about recent sales helps your users to build trust and make firm decisions. It also inspires a sense of urgency to boost online sales.

4. Try Remarketing 

Users who review your website on their first visits are more likely to become customers if they are reached out with an actionable plan. A technique worthy to be applied is remarketing. It may require you to collect information about new users. You can extract it from social media campaigns and the analytics tools you use.

Once you get all the data, you devise a plan to reach them with a different approach. It may be a discount offer, a gift voucher, coupon code, or any appealing offer to make them revisit your web store and add their favorite products to the cart. If you accompany retargeting with remarketing, you may get better results and a boost in sales for sure.

5. Reconsider Pricing Strategy 

Price is among the core factors in deciding to buy or skip a product. If you are unable to achieve the sales target, check if the price is unfair or not. You need to come at a price that seems to be fair and affordable, and that justifies the quality and value you aim to deliver. To ease your customers in making purchase decisions, you can try different pricing strategies like tier pricing and customer-choice pricing.

With tier pricing, you can design multiple deals for your product or services along with features and benefits. It shall start with a basic plan, suggesting a medium, and then recommending a premium plan that includes all the privileges. Let the customer choose a plan according to their needs.

With customer-defined pricing, you can set maximum and minimum prices and let the customer pay a price of their choice within the range. Such a strategy helps you recognize the buying power of your target customer so that you can revise prices permanently.

6. Simplify the Checkout Process

The default checkout process of most of the eCommerce platforms is difficult for a common person to use. Increase the usability of the checkout page of your online to remove the friction and boost sales. First, there are numerous fields in the personal information section. If you don’t need it for your business, remove these fields and keep the design simple. The multi-step process is again a hurdle in processing the transaction. The time it takes to intake information from one section and load another is painstaking. Replace the entire process with a one-page checkout that collects all the details at once and submits the order.

7. Add Custom CTA

Make the most out of your calls to action by personalizing them around your business and target customers. If your products are higher in price and you need the customers to first discuss and then place the order, you can replace ‘Add to Cart’ with ‘Add to Quote.’ Let them ask for a price estimate so that you can brief them about the price estimation along with the value for money. Additionally, you can add a personal touch in CTA customization to improve email subscribers or user registrations which ultimately leads to better sales.


Review your sales targets for the year 2022 and study the prevailing trends that may affect your sales figures around the year. Offering usual products with normal efforts may not help you achieve targets that are higher than your capacity. If you plan to achieve extraordinarily, the effort you put in must also be extraordinary.

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