Top 12 Instagram marketing strategies to make more sales

When it comes to different social media channels or platforms, Instagram is surely at the top of the list! Right now, there are more than 2 billion monthly active users as of 2021 Quarter 4, which is 200% up than the 2018 count. Instagram is not just the OG of the group anymore, but also a trendsetter of social media marketing sector.

It is not wrong to state that Instagram has literally shaped the current landscape of social commerce. It shows how brands are now using the power of social media for more than a decade. 

Working on the Instagram marketing strategies:

Instagram marketing is one way to use the power of this platform to grow brand awareness, sales, leads and audience base. Being a favorite social media platform of people aging between 16 and 32, IG is an effective source for entrepreneurs, brands and creators. Let’s talk about the top 12 Instagram marketing strategies for enhancing sales’ rate of a firm.

1. Deal with product-centric content calendar:

The most popular form of content on Instagram will be the product related posts. Even though brands want to avoid spamming followers, they are not shy to show off their items. It is always about the presentation. So, creating content to highlight what you are selling in a stylish manner can cover the trick.

2. Creativity and voice to the next level:

Anything and everything on Instagram is about creativity and your voice. Make it extra creative to help attract maximum crowd towards your side. Right from a picture to the content highlighting your product, everything needs to be highly creative. Brands can carve a perfect trademark, which will help gain more follower count.

3. Using the right Hashtags:

The next time you want your Instagram post to go viral, use the power of Hashtags for a change. They go hand in hand with the social platform. But, there is also a limitation of using Hashtags and don’t overdo it much. It will cause spamming, which can degrade the value of your Instagram account.

4. Promote the user centric content:

When it comes to marketing, customer photos are pure gold. Filling up your chosen content calendar with some of the user-centric content is one of the best and proven ways to sell your brand and product to the audience base on Instagram business account. For that, using the power of some notable curation tools can act in your favor.

5. Define the Instagram marketing goals:

Always define the goal on why you are creating an Instagram business account and what kinds of photos and contents you are planning to post. Why post content on the first place? Some want brand awareness and others are more into collecting new leads. It helps in converting warm leads and connects with customers for building brand ambassadors.

6. Refine the audience base:

Once the goals are proficiently set, you can refine the audience base. If you know how to work with the Ad manager of Facebook, then this step won’t be that difficult for you. You will be using the same old platform, but for Instagram in this regard. 

7. Setting up a marketing budget:

It is one of the major points to consider. It is always vital to determine the Instagram budget. Always remember that a little money will go a long way, mainly if the audience is refined to help reach out to the right people. Consider a daily or lifetime budget and then spend on the marketing channels accordingly.

8. Keep the lighting and backgrounds consistent:

Ensure that all your videos and photos are visually consistent. Whether you are going for a rustic vibe or ultra-modern chic look, it should be noticeable in all the options. Light backgrounds work well. In case you are going for natural light, be sure to take the pictures or videos near windows or outside.

9. Same filter usage:

If you are planning to create an Instagram theme, then sticking to the same filter is always the finest deal possible. It helps your images to appear cohesive in nature. Figure out the right filters that work best on your picture and then move in with these choices only. Always focus on the main subject of the photograph.

10. Meet all the Instagram shopping needs:

Brands are currently using the Shopping features to help match with the Meta’s marketing policies. Maybe you are following all the correct steps so far. But, to be on the safer side, it is always a good idea to review the Meta’s commerce policies first, before you get to apply the same. Learn about the policies in details before making a move now.

11. Sell your items with help from Instagram Stories:

In case there is any form of content that is dominating the Instagram right now, then that has to be the Instagram Stories. With 500+ million daily users over here, stories are not just a novelty for e-commerce brands and retailers. Stories will present tons of creative freedom to promote products. So, make sure to cover that as Stories help in producing photos with the perfect CTA. Your brand will be at the front and center in your followers’ Instagram feeds.

12. Consistent posting schedule:

The last the final point is to focus on a consistent schedule to post the IG stories. It is highly necessary to maintain the expectations of your audiences and keeping them interested. If you post once a week and then fail to post for the entire month, you will lose some valuable audiences, and also potential customers. Some of them might not even follow you anymore. Check out the time when you are posting and maintain that symmetry throughout. It helps you in gaining the best audience base!

These are some of the best Instagram marketing strategies that you are asked to follow, in order to improve your present sales count. The more you get to research, the better points keep coming your way. Be sure to check out all the options and then check in for some more!

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