Best Responsive Web Design Techniques For Businesses In 2022

Responsive design is an approach in web design that makes a website automatically adapt to different screens. For instance, the size of a desktop monitor will vary from a laptop screen. If you create the website for a particular set of users, then other users will find it hard to read or interact with it.

Several agencies provide web design services in Chennai and so it will be easier for businesses to develop multiple, separate layouts of the content. The major difference between responsive design and adaptive design is the rendering of a single page in responsive design. 

As adaptive designs require multiple versions of the page, things will get complicated when you have a website with hundreds of web pages. Both their approaches are different and will be apt for different kinds of businesses. 

Apart from the optimal viewing experience, responsive websites will also help with increasing the traffic, lower the bounce rates, attract a wider customer base, and improve SEO strategies. In this blog, we will dive deep into the process of designing a responsive website. 

Eliminate the friction:

The primary objective of a responsive website is to enhance the user experience on every device. Thus, eliminating friction will help with attracting a wider customer base. If you are planning on developing a website with minimal or zero friction, get in touch with the best web design and development company in Chennai.

Optimize the design for thumb fingers:

While the navigation on desktop computers is based on keys and mouse clicks; people interact with their smartphones with taps and swipes. As most people use their thumb fingers to interact, your design team must ensure that the design of your website is thumb-friendly. Since these optimizations significantly impact the UI design elements, they can be a major selling point of a website.

When it comes to mobile devices, the primary navigation button should be at the bottom as it is hard to reach the top of a phone with the thumb finger. People will also find it difficult to get to the sides and corners of a smartphone and so the interactive elements in an application should be oriented to the center of an interface. 

Leverage the native hardware:

Responsive design is not just about making things fit inside. A responsive website should also adapt to the capabilities of a device. As the camera and processors differ on every mobile device, specific actions must be taken in order to make things easier. For example, you can use the fingerprint sensor on smartphones to initiate a two-step authentication method. Discuss your ideas with the best web design company in Chennai to get started. People have also started to use voice search nowadays and most businesses in the market are adapting to it. 

You can also consider landscape orientation:

A fluid layout in a website will impact the disability and accessibility adversely. When it comes to landscape view, the navigation will be good. People will also be able to navigate with two thumbs. However, it cannot be used every time as people will have to scroll longer. You can consider stacking the visual elements accordingly so that people can make use of the horizontal orientation if needed. 

Integrate a responsive text:

Traditionally web designers and UX designers use pixels to design websites. However, things have changed with the recent technological advancements as the latest iPhone has over 500 pixels per inch. They will be able to achieve crispier graphics in the same place. However, the quality of the image may vary due to the quality and resolution of the screen. Hire professionals from agencies that provide top-notch web design services in Chennai to handle it better. 

Integrate flexible images:

When you are developing a responsive website, it is important to focus on scaling the images on it. You have to figure out its look on various types of displays such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. The code on your website will let images scale with a predefined percentage value based on the width of a display. 

Speed of your website:

Most people would have never visited a website that has a slow loading speed. Even if they did, they would have not spent much time on it. As the competition in the market is increasing, business owners are coming up with websites that are flawless. These websites will also have a lesser bounce rate and enhance the overall usability of your website. 


While most people use smartphones to get information or look for services, business owners should keep up with the trend. Approach an agency that offers best-in-class web design services in Chennai to utilize the best techniques in the market and develop a flawless website to boost your overall revenue.

Author Bio: Vishaal who goes by the literary double of Vishaal Grizzly is a freelance content writer and Brand Developer based in Chennai, India. He has been in the game for more than 5 years. Being passionate about developing digital marketing strategies and writing technological stuff, he made himself a huge list of clientele with a high recurrence rate. When not writing, he can be found at the cinemas or with his cat.

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