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5 Steps to create a promotion for IGTV video using FB Ads manager

Step 1: Choose the marketing objective of the campaign

Step 2: Audience targeting 

Step 3: Refine the placement

Step 4: Setting up the budget and schedule

Step 5: Ad creation

Social media has been ruling our lives over the past decade. Ever since the usage of smartphones increased, the usage of social media also went on a hike! 

Long gone are the days when people used these platforms for their personal means. Though we know that social media has benefited several businesses, these days, many businesses have started relying on social media totally! A great example of this would be cloud kitchen.

Now, let’s take a look at how social media has taken businesses to the next level!

Creating Brand Awareness

Ever thought about how you got introduced to a brand? Most probably the answer would be social media! 

Although the traditional advertising methods like ad clippings on televisions, and keeping billboards are still on the market, the number of people noticing them have become less. This is because people spend more time on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So, when you run ads on these platforms, your brand is more likely to reach a greater group of audience. 

Enhance Sales

As I said earlier, several businesses are completely dependent on social media. This can be explained easily using hashtags. If a user is looking for a product/service, he can simply search for it through these hashtags. Hence, if you post your product with the relevant hashtags people can find you out effortlessly and if your social media account is quite impressive, they might also purchase products from you. This is called social selling!

Building trust

The fact that social media acts as a bridge that builds trust between the customer and the business is undeniable!

More than just selling a product, showcasing how your customers are benefited by using your product will not only keep your existing customers happy but also will gain the trust of the new customers. You can do this by simply posting the reviews given by your customers.

Furthermore, engaging with customers by responding to their comments and messages, shows that you’re putting your customer’s interests first. This will develop many loyal customers for your brand! 

For instance, you can check on Zomato’s social media posts. Their strategies are just goals for any digital marketer!

Increase website traffic

If you possess a social media account, you must have a website for sure. Websites also play a major role in improving your business. This can be achieved only if your website ranks higher in the search engine results which in turn requires a lot of traffic to your website.

You can’t portray all your products on any social media. So, you can redirect the users to your website to view more of your products. This increases your website traffic, thus improving its search engine rank position as well!

Learn about your customers

Whenever you start a business, it is highly essential to know your customers’ demands and expectations. Cost, quality, and quantity are the important factors for any kind of business. You can find this easily with the help of social media. Almost all the social media platforms offer analytics through which you can determine your customer behaviour. With this, you can target the real audience for your products/services.

Although social media offers several advantages, not all social media platforms work well for your business. I would recommend you to analyze all the platforms which your customers use the most and pick the right ones that suit your business!

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